Are you qualified to enroll for the CertTEYL course?

Are you qualified to enroll for the CertTEYL course?

Are you qualified to enroll for the CertTEYL course?
Below is a simple quiz which will help you determine if you are qualified for our CertTEYL course.

After taking the quiz, if you are still not sure about your level of qualification, please contact us. Please provide details about your work background, education, and any experience teaching or working with children.

Please select an answer for each question and press the "Calculate Score" button. Then look up your score on the chart.

1. What is your level of education?

   Less than High School
   High School
   Some University or College
   Full Degree or Diploma
   Masters or PhD Degree

2. Do you have any other certificates, awards, courses or special qualifications?

   TESL/TEFL/TESOL or related.
   Yes, related to teaching or training.
   Yes, not related to teaching or training.

3. Do you have any type of teaching experience?

   I have teaching experience but not in ESL.
   I have taught ESL to adults.
   I have taught ESL to adults and/or children.
   I don't have any teaching experience.

4. How long have you been teaching or training?

   No experience.
   Up to 1 year.
   1-5 years.
   More than 5 years.

5. Are you a native English speaker OR proficient in English?

   My English language skills are excellent.
   I have a good command of the English language.
   I am not a native speaker but I feel comfortable with the English language.
   I have poor English language skills.

   Your score

9 or above
Congratulations, you are qualified!
5 to 8
You are qualified to enroll for our CertTEYL course but we recommend that you contact us to verify that this course is for you.
Less than 5
You do not qualify for the CertTEYL course at this time. If you have any questions, please contact us.

NOTE: You must be at least 21 years old to take this course (or obtain special permission from us).