Advanced Teacher Training

The Advanced Certificate Program for those who
Teach English to Young Learners

Success Story

New Success Story Very good indeed. The course is a thoroughly worthwhile experience which I would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone wishing to teach English to children.

My tutor, was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable, and was always on hand to offer guidance and practical assistance if needed.

This course is a great help for teachers wishing to start teaching English to children, whether they have previous experience of teaching adults or not. The course offers background information on teaching theory as well as how children learn, together with practical classroom ideas and resources which can be used in lessons immediately.

Thoroughly recommended.

Jonathan Carrett - ESL teacher in Italy.

Success Story

New Success Story The course content was surprisingly interesting and vast. My tutor, was great, competent, consistent and very punctual in her responses. She's a good counselor and I greatly appreciated our correspondence.

Great overview of what education has been, great presentation of what education can become and is becoming in some places; new approaches based on serious and long term research. Gives necessary and serious guidelines as to what it means to be a teacher in a variety of situations. Provides a big selection of resources that helps new or relatively new teachers choose reliable websites for info and class exercises.

Helen Pinneo - ESL teacher in France.

Success Story

New Success Story I really enjoyed this course! I am not a teacher by background so I found every aspect of the course educational and interesting. I very much appreciated that the course starts with child development and moves progressively into the teaching aspects. For one who has never studied this, it was extremely useful in understanding teaching methods.

This course is a great way, for someone considering teaching, to understand what is required to become a successful teacher. Teaching young learners requires a commitment to understanding who they are, and this course provides an excellent base in which to undertake this adventure!

Judy Zuidema - American ESL teacher in Italy.

Success Story

New Success StoryI learned a lot from this course, in fact more than what I expected so I'm satisfied and grateful for having this opportunity.

I strongly recommend this course because it guides you to explore from theory to practice all about what is related to teaching children.

After completing the tasks I also learned a lot about myself as a professional, I learned about my strengths and weaknesses, about what can I do to improve and also about what other people do when they are in my place. It was a great experience!

Paola Stessens - EAL teacher in Argentina.

Success Story

I was pleased to be able to look at various theories and be forced to analyse my practice- this has been really good for me and therefore the course was what I needed. I like that I was able to work when I could to fit my schedule, which is an important issue when you work full-time. I think the promises in the marketing for the course are actually realistic. The tutor really is there and available to give helpful feedback.

I really appreciated being disciplined to read. I do read books from time to time related to teaching, but never to the same degree, so I am glad I took the course and was glad that it was manageable- articles were never too long so I never felt bogged down.

The certification task is time consuming, but we were warned to begin thinking about it early which I was thankful for. I think you definitely need to plan ahead to have enough time to complete it and the earlier you begin the better. The time dedicated to the course suited me in my full time job.

This course is great for refreshing your teaching; making you analyse your practice, provides ideas for enriching your lesson planning and makes you focus on research into teaching young learners. The tutor was very knowledgeable and approachable and I appreciated her feedback in every correspondence.

Sarah Gibb - EAL teacher in Germany.

Success Story

This was the perfect course for me. Since I work a lot, the online format worked very well for me as it is very flexible. I really appreciated how practical and useful the information was. My tutor was fantastic and very helpful.

I really enjoyed this course and found it incredibly useful. When I started teaching English I had very little experience and was feeling very overwhelmed. This course gave me a good basis of theory and practical information that I use everyday in my classroom. The tasks are really useful to start thinking about new ways to incorporate material and my tutor was amazing and very thorough and thoughtful in her feedback and her responses to all of my questions. I would definitely recommend this course for someone who is already working in the field and wants to enhance their knowledge.

Emily Peeler - English teacher in Italy.

Success Story

I was pleasantly surprised to find such a good course online, I wasn't sure if what I had let myself in for would have been everything it said it would be.

I was actually very happy to see that it was more than I had hoped for.

The tutor was fantastic and really helped me to understand how to improve my teaching method.

The tasks and assignments helped me to understand how to prepare for possible problems in the classroom, to put myself into my children's shoes, to review my teaching skills and update them through the various reading tasks.

Overall the course helped me to be more confident in my teaching methods and to be aware of the new ways of teaching English we have today thanks to technology.

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Donatella Di Paolo - CertTEYL E-Learning course graduate currently teaching in Italy.

[For her course certification project, Donatella developed a lesson plan that focused on using technology in the classroom. A "Case Study" describing Donatella's use of technology was added to a section of the CertTEYL E-Learning course called "Using Technology in the Classroom".]

Success Story

What I loved about this course is that it has unveiled a world of new and inspiring ideas. The variety of its content was huge, as was the discovery of endless resource possibilities. I mostly enjoyed developing the creativity in elaborating new material and reusable resources on my own and for the specific needs of my students. I loved the clarity of each section and the freedom I had to organize my time throughout the course. In other words, I truly loved it!

I have successfully taught English for many years, but I took this course because I want to open a language school for very young learners. Although I have worked with children, I thought that it could help me learn more about how they acquire language. Not only do I feel confident about starting my new project with little ones, but I now have so much more insight on better ways of teaching my older students as well. Thanks to my wonderful tutor, I have discovered how to become a better and happier teacher.

My advice to anyone taking this course is not to be in a rush. I started it with the idea of completing it as soon as I could, but very soon I realized that it was important to take my time so that I could look into specific subjects more profoundly in order to develop knowledge and new ideas according to my own needs. This course was the best investment I have made for my new school!

Gisella Chavez - ESL teacher in Bolivia.

Success Story

I liked that the course was the simple layout of the modules that were easy to understand. The articles were a hefty read, but I really appreciated that the course understood we are all busy teachers, so it would mention "just read # page" or mentioned which articles to read for basic understanding and in-depth later if you had the time. That was great! I was also impressed that the content was constantly updated. I felt like I always had access to new-age concepts, not outdated ones. Also the access to libraries of advice and ideas was great.

This course is great for new teachers with no experience in education (like me) who want training that doesn't require too much commitment (such as going to evening classes at a university) and a huge price tag. The practical approach of this course made me question traditional classroom learning. Why spend so much money and time on taking an intensive course at a university when I can learn the same concepts online and study at my own pace while continuing working? I did the course during my lunch break and then applied what I just learned to my afternoon classes. I'm a very hands-on learner, so this approach was great for me. I learned the course material best by being able to quickly practice and experience them in the classroom.

Katie Young - ESL teacher in Japan.

Success Story

The CertTEYL course gave me knowledge and tools to teach in full consciousness. I had an access to good, thought provoking articles and felt motivated to enrich my teaching style. I am extremely satisfied to be a certified TEYL Teacher. I need to mention about my tutor's help which was more than I expected, especially his support, professional advice and each time understanding of adversity of life.

Magdalena Borkowska - ESL teacher in Poland.

Success Story

This course is extremely useful for learning concepts and strategies to teach English as a second language to Young Learners. It especially opens your mind as to what a child's true capabilities are in learning second languages thus helping the teacher to overcome the many mental barriers that is frequent in ESL teaching.

Monica Pasqualoni - Teaches English in Italy.

Success Story

I found the course extremely interesting and stimulating. It helped me to be more introspective about my methodology of teaching and reawakened the need to explore and discover my approach and my teaching method.

I am very grateful for all the attention, help and personal guidance given by my tutor.

This course is for anybody who wants to deepen and enrich their knowledge and approach in teaching methods. It also suits those who want to take on a personal challenge and discover new capabilities.

Katherine Mazzocchini - Teaches English in Italy.

Success Story

Because of the course, I have learned that no specific method, system, or approach has been scientifically proven better then any other. Teachers have to use an approach that makes sense to them, even if your school may feel that their teaching methods or their textbooks are the best, and at this early stage of trying to discover what works best, experimentation is crucial.

I improved myself professionally, and it gives me the opportunity to share information, and ask questions to a tutor, who provided me excellent feedback.

The course provided me with current tools, strategies, skills and knowledge used to teach English to young learners.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to teach English to young children and who wants to improve themselves professionally.

Lionel Ferbu - ESL teacher in China.

Success Story

Having completed my CELTA, I realised that I needed some additional support to develop my skills in teaching young learners. I am not particularly a fan of online learning so I therefore signed up for the trial. To be honest, my expectations were quite low.

However, I was impressed by the content (or partial content) that I had access to during the trial so I decided that the course was worth pursuing. The presentation of the information, the interactive activities, the option for further reading and the regular quizzes and assignments all served to keep me interested in the course.

Yet, for me, the most critical feature of this course was the role of the course tutor. With his guidance, appropriate challenge, words of encouragement and thorough feedback, my experience of completing the course has been more meaningful, enjoyable and hugely beneficial.

I feel much more confident in my teaching ability and I have a greater and more realistic understanding of what to expect, or not to expect, from children. Thank you!

This course not only provides you with the tools to plan and deliver an effective and engaging class, but it also gives you an insight into parental expectations. Furthermore, my expectations of the children and their language learning ability is much more realistic and I don't stress about it anymore. This was a powerful learning for me.

Maria Benson - A British teacher in Spain.

Success Story

I found the reading material provided during the course really made me reconsider my attitude to teaching and my "persona" as a teacher.

After completing the course I definitely have a clearer concept of what my place in the classroom is and should be.

I think this course is suitable for everyone wishing to teach English to children although I think you'd get more benefit out of it if you already have some teaching experience to draw from.

If you're looking for a better understanding of children and classroom dynamics then this is definitely the course for you.

It concentrates on teaching techniques rather than content or grammatical rules and helps you to form your own opinions on how to teach.

Leah Anne Croft - A British ESL teacher in Spain.

Success Story

CertTEYL is a very good course for teaching young learners. It has helped me with lesson planning and finding creative and appropriate activities for my students here in Beijing. It's a comprehensive course that is very clearly presented in a fun and engaging manner. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.

Prior to taking the course, I had been teaching in Beijing for a few years. However, often that not, I felt the need for guidance and training in effectively teaching the young learners I had in class. This course was perfect and it gave me the confidence and the skills to work effectively as an ESL teacher. As an added bonus, my tutor was very supportive and was always there if I needed help. Thank you so much!

Connie Gaviola - An ESL teacher in China.

Success Story

It was a great learning experience. Though I have been teaching for the last 15 years I learned a lot of new and innovative ideas. Can't wait to use them in the classroom.Thanks.

This course is very useful not only for people beginning their teaching careers but also for practicing teachers. It provides you with excellent and innovative strategies that can be used in different classroom situations.

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Sadaf Karim - Pakistani EFL Teacher in Bahrain.

Success Story

I enjoyed the course and thought the tasks and outside readings - a feature not seen in other TESOL courses I've taken - were quite well matched to the content.

Also impressive was the support and knowledge base of my tutor; the worth of his personal feedback was immeasurable.

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Nelson Beard - American EFL Teacher in South Korea.

Success Story

...timely and accurate information, practical knowledge for language teaching to young learners....my tutor not only provided me with full and deep feedback, but also answered all questions concerning young learners. Thanks to this, I could correct my teaching and make positive changes to the classroom atmosphere!

The TEYL course provides quality and practical materials... And you are not alone while studying - your tutor is your wise guide and friend!

Yulia Devyatova - ESL teacher in Russia.

Success Story

Although I have been teaching young children for many years, this course helped reiterate and validate many of the techniques that have been used along with learning new approaches on how to specifically help the second language learners of that age group.

Additionally, most of the strategies can be adapted to an older target audience, which makes this course applicable to other participants.

One of the aspects that really appealed to me and helped me complete the course was that I was able to go at a pace that suited me well.

I appreciated the patience, feedback and support I received from my tutor.

Seema S. Sandhir - ESL teacher (MA Reading Education) at American International School, Chennai, India.

Success Story

The course was great, I've learned a lot. I can say that I have more confidence now when I teach. I've improved my skills and knowledge. But it wasn't as easy as I thought. English is my second language so I was also challenging myself.

My tutor was fantastic and I really appreciate his help and all suggestions he's made through this course. Our e-mail communication was good, I should say great, because he gave me wonderful feedback and I could learn directly from him.

I only have three years of experience in teaching so this was a good decision of mine.

I do regret that I couldn't come to Advanced Teacher Training for some practical purpose. [Note from Advanced Teacher Training: Practicum sessions were fully booked until 2011.]

The course is very flexible, I could work on my own schedule.
I do recommend this course for ESL teachers and instructors.
Thank you TEYL.

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Elzbieta Hamowska - ESL teacher in Cracow, Poland.

Success Story

Listen to Mr. Bracco read his testimonial:

I found the course to be very enjoyable. It really gave me a solid foundation of the many facets of teaching English to young children.

The reading required for the course conveyed many of the reasons why children learn the way they do and also provided me with a better grasp on how to put the material into action through my teaching style.

Before taking the course I had taught in Asia for three years and have always had some reservations about my teaching style. But upon completion of the course my previous reservations have been washed away with the help of the knowledge I gained through the course.

Gregory Bracco - American ESL teacher in South Korea.

Success Story

I highly recommend this course for any ESL instructor who has a true passion for teaching children.

The organization of the modules is simple to follow yet demanding. Best of all, what you learn can be immediately applied to your own lesson plan.You and your students will be satisfied.

You won't find many courses for this price. Thanks TEYL!

Shawn Dale - An American ESL Instructor in Tokyo, Japan.

Success Story

This course is well designed. It has provided me the insight of the science of teaching English to young learners.

My tutor is fantastic! He supported and guided me with feedback and suggestions.

I definitely feel more confident in being a TEYL teacher!

Thank you to my tutor and all the staff behind Advanced Teacher Training!

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Thu Ha Kueng - English teacher in Switzerland.

Success Story

The CertTEYL course is inspiring, exciting and challenging!

To complete this course you need to be disciplined and well organised to study on a regular basis!

My tutor was extremely efficient, competent, helpful, positive, supportive, inspiring, encouraging, patient! Challenging and intelligent. This made all the difference!

Victoria Godfrey - A British teacher in Switzerland.

Success Story

Content of TEYL on-line is exceptional for all ESOL teachers.

Graphics/Set-Up of course is very user-friendly for all...

The tutor went above and beyond my expectations and provided me with excellent feedback of assignments, advice about teaching overseas, professional opinions concerning ESOL issues (I think Mentor would be justified rather than Tutor as a title).

Articles/Content of TEYL:
Excellent, well-defined, current research concerning all areas of teaching English overseas-I downloaded all articles and activities for future use in class.

Ask this graduate a question about the CertTEYL E-Learning course!Tamara Opalek - Teaching ESL in a primary school in Florida and is completing her MA in Education from Grand Valley State University.

Success Story

Even though I have been teaching children English for a long time, I learned a lot from the course.

There were some subjects about teaching children that I had never thought about, and thus I was surprised by learning information in these areas.

The course is very flexible - allowing students to advance at their own rhythm. This was essential for me since I have a family with three children and a teaching job.

I enjoyed the communications with my tutor; I was also surprised by the amount of information that I learned directly from him.

A big thank you for providing this type of program!

Robin Brown-Frossard - American ESL teacher and Mind Management Trainer in Switzerland.

Success Story

My tutor is a strongly recommended best teacher... his feedback was very helpful to finish my thesis. I'll recommend this course to my co-teachers.

Hyeon-jin Lee - Teaches English in an elementary school in South Korea.

Success Story

This course was not as easy as I thought. It was quite challenging for me, maybe because I for one use English as my second language. But my tutor was so helpful and gave me encouragement. I am so grateful I successfully finished it. Thanks a lot to my tutor and I wish more success to TEYL and all its participants.

Meshiel Rimando - A teacher from the Philippines working in South Korea.

Success Story

...the many positive aspects of the course include:

* [the tutor's] helpfulness and great patience!
* The countless links to information that will always be helpful;
* The good mix of current educational theory and practical tips;
* The many recommendations about professional ways of teaching children.

Finally, I was impressed with the very thorough nature of the course, which for me was an introduction to teaching English as a second language, although I am a Primary School teacher.

My certification paper ended up becoming an opportunity for me to theoretically justify practices that have evolved in my teaching. It proved to be appropriate professional development for me now that I am teaching bilingual students.

Ask this graduate a question about the CertTEYL E-Learning course!Roxanne Rogers - Originally from California, Ms. Rogers is teaching in a bilingual international school in Mexico.

Success Story

Questionnaire answers:

Was the tutor helpful during the course? More than I expected.
How do you feel about the content of the course? Great.
Did you like the way the course was presented? Yes, completely.
(Graphics, tasks, interactivity, etc.)
Was the course a good value for the price? Yes, absolutely.

Being an experienced teacher it didn't teach be anything new but made me evaluate and analyze my teaching style and methods. It was a good eye-opener and I enjoyed learning at my own pace.

Margit Tera is an Estonian freelance and school teacher in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Success Story

I just have finished this course and enjoyed it very much.

My tutor was fantastic and I am very grateful for his help and support. I have learned a lot from the course and would like to recommend it for all language teachers.

Natalia Anisimova - ESL teacher at an international school in Dubai.

Success Story

This course was really inspiring. It gave me a lot of new ideas for teaching young learners and challenged me to think outside the box. As a result I feel I'm a better teacher and my students love coming to classes each week.

Renata Holota - An Australian ESL teacher working in China.

Success Story

Questionnaire answers:

"Was the tutor helpful during the course?" More than I expected.
"How do you feel about the content of the course?" Great.
"Did you like the way the course was presented?" Yes, completely.
"Was the course a good value for the price?" Yes, absolutely.

If you are looking for a course about how to improve your teaching this is the perfect one. It is hard nowadays as an English teacher to find enough time to do research and this course provides us with so many new methods and articles...

Marta Bickel - An English teacher in Switzerland.

Success Story

I found the course very helpful, not only regarding
teaching theory but also teaching practice.

Marcy Coate - American teacher in Italy.

Success Story

Lesley Harris course graduate working in France.
I particularly liked the new whole page format when it became available.

I have been teaching adults for many years but this course gave me the necessary tools to switch to a different age group.

The content was stimulating and provided practical guidance. The support of the tutor was an invaluable element in the process with his constructive comments and positive encouragement throughout.Lesley Harris course graduate working in France.

One negative point is that I found the discussion forum unhelpful. I don't know if it is because participation is marked but I found that many of the comments were rather opinionated.

[Note from Advanced Teacher Training: Participation in the forum is not graded. One point is given if the course participant visits the forum, regardless of whether they post or not.]

Lesley Harris - Teaches English to children in a small rural community in France.

Success Story

The course takes into account individuality and personality of each unique teacher and gives many choices for further exploration of topics as the trainee wishes to pursue.

I find the course proposes a good balance between theories and practices. With invaluable comments from my tutor, I have been able to produce an article of my utmost potential, which I believe have successfully made a contributory input to my PhD application process.

I also enjoyed philosophical discussions with my tutor and hoped that the friendship would last longer after the course. Many thanks for everything :)

Pantipa Pichailuck - a volunteer English teacher in Thailand. She is currently studying for her PhD.

Success Story

Most of all, I'm grateful to my tutor... Whenever I was feeling down, he cheered me up so that I was able to complete the course successfully. I really enjoyed it and I can teach English with much more confidence now. I truly recommend this course to you. Thank you, TEYL!!

Yoonkyung Cho teaches English in a private academy in Daegu, South Korea.

Success Story

I thought that the course was well organized. The tutor was very helpful and answered every question that I had.

Hong-Lien Le - A Vietnamese American teacher working in South Korea.

Success Story

I really enjoyed this course & found it very interesting.

There were a lot of practical tips & recommendations about professional ways of teaching children.

I now feel confident & knowledgeable to deal with everyday occurrences in a TEYL classroom.

The tutor's help also went beyond my expectations with excellent advice & feedback.

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Louise O'Hara Roux - An Irish teacher currently working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Success Story

The course helped me to consolidate some knowledge I had before.

My tutor was very kind and gave me all the support I needed.

I really recommend this course to everyone working with children.

Elsa Costa - Teacher in Portugal.

Success Story

This course is ideal for people who are working and simultaneously opt to learn and enhance their professional qualifications. As it is online one can work at his/her own pace. Communication with the tutor as a source for feedback and to clarify queries makes it lot easier to complete the course.

Priya Kathare - Elementary Art Teacher at the American International School in Chennai, India.

Success Story

I enjoyed doing the course. The tutor was extremely helpful and patient. The articles were very useful and the course has been beneficial overall.

I would recommend it to especially to new teachers as they can learn a lot from doing the course.

As I had already been teaching young learners it no doubt helped but a lot of it was what I have been practicing as a teacher.

Jaya Shanker - Teacher at the American International School in Chennai, India.

Success Story

I had been looking for a course for a long time that focused on teaching, not making teachers aware of English grammar and testing. It sounds paradoxical but I did not find many teaching certificates that were focused specifically on helping teachers to teach better! I feel like this course really did that - I was able to implement a lot of the course skills/focal areas in my classroom immediately.

I have been teaching ESL for five years and have completed post-graduate qualifications in education - I found this course clear, relevant to my classroom and helpful for improving my overall teaching approach. The certificate has been well-recognised by potential employers also.

I have enjoyed working on this. My work was always marked quickly by my tutor and all feedback was thorough, constructive, relevant and supportive.

Tracy Dominey - A New Zealander who teaches ESL in Singapore.

Success Story

I enjoyed the course immensely because it encouraged me to read extensively and formulate my own teaching approaches.

Unlike other teaching courses, which can often be very dogmatic, it taught me to think for myself and trust in my own judgement.

This course will be beneficial for anyone who wishes to broaden their understanding of TEYL, as well as for those who seek to develop as ELT teachers generally.

Owen Connor - British teacher who works in Qatar teaching mostly 16-17 year olds.

Success Story

The interactivity was superb and worked perfectly all the time for me. I never experienced any hiccups with the system. My tutor was very helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ask this graduate a question about the CertTEYL E-Learning course!Fatima Zumrawi - Canadian ESL teacher who has taught overseas.

Success Story

Questionnaire answers:

"Was the tutor helpful during the course?" More than I expected.
"How do you feel about the content of the course?" Fantastic.
"Did you like the way the course was presented?" Yes, completely.
"Was the course a good value for the price?" Yes, absolutely.

Ask this graduate a question about the CertTEYL E-Learning course!Gwenn Navarro Cornic - Teaches English to children at a language school and French at a private university in Valencia, Spain.

Success Story

I really appreciated the fast feedback I got to my assignments and the flexible approach of my tutor.

As I already have teacher qualifications, most of the material was not new to me but it was a good refresher course and confirmed for me that I am doing the right things in the classroom and in my teacher training workshops.

Alison Lyall - Australian who teaches children and trains teachers in Malaysia.

Success Story

The course gave me deeper insight into my current approach to TEYL and lots of new ideas to help me evolve into a better, more professional teacher.

The course was well laid out and full of useful information. The materials introduced in the online resources section alone were worth the price of the course! My tutor was extremely helpful and professional.

From novices to veterans, I would recommend this course to anyone teaching children or considering a career in TEYL. This is a great way to begin a career in TEYL or continue your professional development.

Basil Tonks - A Canadian teacher who is living in Japan. Basil is now a Tutor for the CertTEYL in Japan. www.teyl-j.org

Success Story

I thoroughly enjoyed the CertTEYL course. The layout is very easy to follow and the information well presented.

My tutor was very knowledgeable and encouraged me to think "outside the box".

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in working with children and or teaching them English as a second language.

Carol Fedyk - An ESL/ESD - Aboriginal Teacher's Assistant in B.C., Canada.

Success Story

As a non-native [English speaker]... I think that everything about this course was great. The tasks and assignments helped me understand the contents of each module.

Thank you for my tutor, who encouraged me with advice, comments and some extra English writing materials.

Serindit Indraswari - Indonesian volunteer ESL teacher in Japan.

Success Story

Questionnaire answers:

"Was the tutor helpful during the course?" More than I expected.
"How do you feel about the content of the course?" Great.
"Did you like the way the course was presented?" Yes, completely.
"Was the course a good value for the price?" Yes, absolutely.

For the most part I enjoyed the course. Although I had a really positive experience with my (tutor), I still somewhat had the feeling that I would have received more from a standard in-person program. Perhaps it is just how I best learn.

I would have found it very very helpful to have video demonstrations of successful teaching from past teachers with breakdowns of particular material that is covered in the lessons.

Elizabeth Elias-Theis - An American teaching English in Germany.

Success Story

This course covers a wide variety of concepts required for teaching Young Learners in a quality manner.

There is a substantial number of informative readings that certainly will improve your insight in this profession.

I enjoyed the ease of the course layout and how comprehensible the concepts were.

Nick Mitchelmore - A Canadian teaching ESL to children in South Korea. He is a specialist in using board games for TEYL.

Success Story

This course was equal to a Master's Degree Paper.

It certainly added another dimension to my teaching.

I would recommend this course to anyone whether you teach ESOL to children or adults.

The presentation, content and help were professionally given at all stages.

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Phillip Smith - An American teaching in New Zealand. In addition to writing about the New Zealand school curriculum, and other impressive credentials, Mr. Smith also has BSc degree, a Teaching Diploma (Adults), two diplomas in Business Administration and Writing, a Cert TESOL, a Cert Communicative Linguistics, a Post Grad Diploma in Teaching Second Languages and a Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics.

Success Story

Absolutely fantastic! This course should be made a prerequisite for all English teachers of young children.

Adam Chee Wei Siang - Singapore

Success Story

This course has helped me a lot, helping my confidence and enabling me to gain a better job. If you want to gain more knowledge and advance your all-round teaching skills, then do this course!

Duncan Steward - British teacher in Japan.

Success Story

I really enjoy reading the articles and am very glad to get so many teaching ideas and resources from the course...
I genuinely admire the course, as it is really helpful for the practical side of teaching. I thank you again for your courtesy...

Yuko Akamatsu - Teacher in Japan

Success Story

I did a few more sections of the Advanced Teacher Training course, and every time I go back to it, I am still in awe of the quality of the content and the presentation. It is just incredible!

Jonathan Lipschiz - Australian teacher

Success Story

The course was really helpful for me. I started dealing with young learners at the same time I was doing the course and I found it very beneficial.

I learned the kind of resources to use, how to deal with discipline, understanding the WHY's and acting consequently. I liked the advice and comments from my tutor and the forum.

Sonia Riveros - Colombian ESL teacher working in Spain

Success Story

...it's really a good down-to-earth course that hits just the right blend of theory and practice.

The course content is excellent, right on the money. But it is the assignments and tasks that really make this course something special. You are not asked to regurgitate endless swabs (swaths) of theory and research findings. On the contrary, you are asked to be willing to try things out for yourself...

...I found the certification paper and the course in general a great lead-up to applying for online MA programs.

Jason Renshaw - Teacher in South Korea

Success Story

I already have a MA TESOL and this course was precisely what I needed in order to move into the field of teaching children.

Much of the linguistic and second language acquisition material was already familiar to me but I benefited greatly from the units which highlighted the teaching of children, and their emotional and intellectual development.

The practical suggestions for the classroom were invaluable, and it helped to be able to consult with my tutor on a professional level and ask his advice concerning the course as it progressed PLUS ask for his advice in regards to incidents which occurred in my YL classroom.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants a challenge and the opportunity to improve themselves professionally.

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Raigan Bastianoni-Stoerzer - American ESL teacher working in Germany. She obtained her Master's degree in TESOL from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

Success Story

This course is wonderfully thought out. The TEYL site is user friendly and your tutor is easy to get in contact with.

There is so much valuable information available that can be used in the classroom.

I highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in, or already teaching ESL to children.

Kathy Daxon Teaching ESL to Children in Hong Kong
Kathy teaching ESL in Hong Kong.

Kathy Daxon - American - Recently returned from teaching in Hong Kong.