Advanced Teacher Training

The Advanced Certificate Program for those who
Teach English to Young Learners

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We have specialized professionals ready to help you with any issue related to teaching English to children. Our fees are very reasonable. Please contact us with your project specifications.

Customized Professional Development Services

We can help you with the professional development of teachers. We can provide a wide range of services from one-day workshops to full customized courses. We can also provide services for those who train teachers.

Teacher Assessment

We provide testing/assessment of teachers. The best way to assess the skill level of your teachers is to have them take our CertTEYL E-Learning course and their personal tutor can write a full report for you. We can also provide custom assessment solutions.

Course Licensing

If you would like to distribute our course or have a teacher training institution, you can license our course for exclusive use in a country or region. You must provide us with a solid business plan and proof of ability to finance the project.

JOBS and TEYL in South Korea

CertTEYL for Korean Teachers - South Korea

Board of Education jobs available for our course graduates! TEYL in Korea.

TEYL in Japan

TEYL in Japan! Certificate in TEYL will be available in Japan.  Provided by Edvec Inc. and The Society for the Advancement of International Education.
The Society for the Advancement of International Education and Edvec Inc
provide our CertTEYL in Japan.

TEYL in Japan

TEYL-J Web Site

FREE Worksheets, Flashcards, and Other ESL Resources

Teach English to Children FREE Resources!

We are very proud to sponsor the website www.teachchildrenesl.com! This is a great website for those who teach ESL/EFL to children.

Starting Your Own Language School FREE E-BOOK!

Starting Your Own Language School Free E-book

We sponsor this FREE E-book for teachers who are considering starting their own language school.

Top Hat ESL

Top Hat ESLTop Hat ESL is a free program for children who need extra help in learning English. These children are from families that have recently arrived in Canada.

The program is run by trained volunteers and stresses creating a learning environment that removes the pressures and fears of a regular school classroom.

The London Central Children's Library is kindly hosting Top Hat ESL. They have provided many resources to help implement the program. The children have a big bright room within the library. The room has floor to ceiling windows and is large enough to be configured for many different activities. The windows face a large reading garden where the children can sit and read or walk through the pathways and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of flowers, trees, and water fountains.

Top Hat ESL Free Program at London Children's Libary