Advanced Teacher Training

The Advanced Certificate Program for those who
Teach English to Young Learners

CertTEYL for South Korea

Teach Korea Board of Education NEW! TEYL in Korea!!!

Become A Specialist In Teaching ESL To Children!

Whether you are currently teaching English to children in South Korea, or you plan to travel to South Korea for this purpose, we provide two incredible services that will make your life as a teacher a complete success.
  1. The CertTEYL E-Learning Course. This is a certificate course for Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL).

  2. Top rate jobs with the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education.

A Surprisingly Simple Way To Improve Your Status As A Teacher in Korea.

Boom! Here's your classroom now teach!

If you're an ESL teacher in South Korea, or plan to be one, you'll never be able to spend much time being trained or developed as a "real" teacher.

You're put on a fast turning merry-go-round and if you fall off, you go home and another person will take your place. We can help you to get off the merry-go-round of teaching in South Korea.

It's very easy. Enroll for our CertTEYL E-Learning course and improve yourself as a teacher from the comfort of your own computer.

Our CertTEYL E-Learning course has been approved by the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education and other agencies as a qualification to teach in South Korea.

    Three Ways Our CertTEYL Will Help You in Korea

  1. You will get a better job and better pay. [Keep reading for more details.]

  2. You will increase your skills and knowledge. Your job will become easier and more enjoyable. You will become a true professional.

  3. You will gain the confidence that you need to succeed as a teacher.

An Excellent Return On Your Investment

The fee for our CertTEYL E-Learning course is US$525.00. This may seem like a big investment, but it is a very solid investment for your short term future.

The fee will pay itself off well before the end of your teaching contract. Most schools in South Korea will pay you up to US$1500.00 more per year with the CertTEYL as a qualification.

You will also see long term benefits for your initial investment. Our CertTEYL is internationally recognized, so you can use it as a qualification if you decide to teach in other countries.

Your Direct Route To A Great Job!

There are at least 20 teaching positions with GEPIK available every September. These are top rate positions with excellent hours, great benefits, and very good pay.

GEPIK is an authorized English program which is promoted by Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education in cooperation with self-governing communities to improve elementary kids' communicative English ability through inviting and cooperating with native English teachers. [Source: Gyeonggi Provincial Office]

Just enroll in our CertTEYL course and we'll do the rest!

Your personal tutor from the CertTEYL course will give you a recommendation to join the GEPIK program if you wish.

We have a direct liaison to GEPIK in Korea working with us, his name is Nick Mitchelmore and he can provide you with details about these jobs. Nick will give you a short phone interview to make sure that you are suited to the teaching position. He will also provide an orientation session to all new teachers.