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How to Keep Your Teaching Job

By Nuno Dias

Under the current economic situation that is affecting most of the globe, one of the first areas for cost savings is in education. And, usually the biggest expense in education is the teaching staff.

What can you do to protect your job and your teaching career?

I gathered these ideas from the experiences I gained as an employee, employer (owner of a private language school), and teacher trainer where I currently tutor for an e-learning professional development course. As a tutor, I deal with teachers' concerns on a daily basis.

This may not be a comprehensive list, but it will help you to start preparing to protect your job:

  1. Make yourself a valuable part of the team. Ask for advancement opportunities, more responsibilities, extra projects, etc. Your employer will take notice of what you do beyond your teaching duties.

  2. Prepare for the worst. Start looking for other work. If you never need the new job, it is a good chance to review what you have to offer and to improve your weak areas. When is the last time you updated your skills?

  3. Have a positive attitude. Don't complain. List the good things about yourself and your career. Avoid negative talk, gossip, and finger pointing. Economic downturns are a good excuse for getting rid of troublemaking teachers.

  4. Money isn't everything! Show your employer and your colleagues that you love your career. It is not just a way to make money. Remember that you are helping your students to learn a new language - a lifelong skill.

  5. Don't be an egomaniac. Help others and let others help you in aspects that are not part of teaching. The more you are part of a "family", the less likely the administrations will want to get rid of you.

  6. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep. Eat well. Exercise. If you are healthy and happy, good things will always happen.

  7. Improve yourself. Attend seminars, conferences, buy books, or take a course. The improvement in skills and knowledge will give you the confidence needed to weather this temporary negative economic climate.

Even if your job is 100% guaranteed and secure, these are still great ideas to make you a happy and successful teacher.


Nuno Dias is the Head Course Tutor for the CertTEYL E-Learning course for those who teach ESL/EFL to children overseas.

Nuno's investment advice:

If I could give you real financial investment advice, I would be living near in a luxury condo near Wall Street :)

However, even I know that an investment in your own professional credentials is a proven way to earn more money and gain more job security throughout your career.

I work as a tutor for the course, so here's some "insider information" -- I believe that the CertTEYL course is an excellent investment for your future.Give it a try!