Advanced Teacher Training

The Advanced Certificate Program for those who
Teach English to Young Learners

Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning Course Extension

If you are not sure about the course extension options, please discuss them with the registrar's office.

Please select whether you want a six month or twelve month extension. You must choose the appropriate amount of time to finish the course.

You must NOT rush your tutor in order to finish everything at the last minute. Use your time wisely and work on the course at a steady pace.

Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning Course Extension*

Safe Payments with Advanced Teacher Training Inc.
Option 1
Option 2
Bank Transfer
Six Months
Twelve Months
*You are allowed a maximum of twelve extra months to complete the course. Either TWO six month extensions or ONE twelve month extension. Extension fees must be paid BEFORE your course account expires or your account is closed; otherwise, a US$100.00 course reactivation fee will be charged.
1. Please contact us after the payment is made.
2. It may take 1-3 business days to reactivate your account after the payment is received.
3. For other payment options such as bank transfer or international money order, please contact us directly for instructions. There may be additional fees for these alternative payment methods.