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Advanced Teacher Training

The Advanced Certificate Program for those who
Teach English to Young Learners
How the Advanced CertTEYL Program Works

The Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning course is a prerequisite for the other components in the program. The E-Learning course provides the background information that is required to complete the other components.

You will be assigned a personal one-to-one tutor to help you complete the E-Learning course. Your tutor will challenge you and help to make the course relevant to your needs. If you are an experienced or practising teacher, the E-Learning course is all that you need!

The Practicum Seminar is an additional component that you may wish to consider. For this component you will travel to a specific site. We have two practicum seminars coming up in Spain for July 2013. Details will available very soon.

The Guided Teaching Practice is a component for those who have limited classroom practice or want to improve their classroom presence. You will be able to observe other teachers through videos and you will also submit your own classroom videos to your tutor. Full details will be available very soon.

The Full Advanced CertTEYL Program


I'm a qualified and experienced teacher.
I'm a mid-level teacher.
I'm a new teacher.
A full certificate is issued for completion of this E-Learning component. This complete course features one-to-one support from a friendly and experienced tutor. The course is equivalent to 120 hours of work in a traditional classroom based course. The CertTEYL course is very helpful for any teacher.
The on-site practicum seminar consists of 36 hours of intensive face-to-face workshops, talks, and practical activities for professional and novice teachers.
This teaching practice is done by videorecording and/or webconferencing with a one-to-one tutor. Some of your lessons will be observed by distant communication. You will get six hours of live feedback as well as written reports that contain suggestions, ideas, and solutions.
The most comprehensive professional development program available for those who teach ESL EFL EAL to children overseas!

This FULL PROGRAM is just US$1795
Pay only US$1645 if you enroll for all three components at once. A savings of US$150!

1The practicum seminar is not just for novice teachers. We find that a mixture of less experienced teachers and more experienced teachers gives us the best results for the practicum seminar. For example, experienced teachers bring wisdom and patience while newer teachers bring enthusiasm and energy. This balance creates a good community feel to the practicum seminar. The seminars are designed to accommodate the needs of each individual participant. Those teachers who only require the E-Learning portion of the course can always sign up for a practicum seminar later.

2The course fee includes all the necessary books, resources, and materials. It also includes the cost of the certificates and transcripts as well as the shipping costs. The practicum seminar fee does not include lodging and food. Although some meals are provided for the practicum seminar, other incidental costs required for a stay in the seminar location must be covered by the seminar participant.